Skin Peel Treatment in Hull


Our skin tech peels cause skin regeneration, reduce the appearance of fine lines, photo-ageing, teenage skin problems, acne scars, pigmentation, keratosis and stretch marks.

We offer a range of treatments for the face, neck, décolletage and hands. Skin texture is refined and the complexion becomes clearer and brighter. We use the Skin Tech range of tried, tested and extremely effective skin rejuvenation products and provide full range of peels with varying peeling depths, from epidermal to reticular dermis peels. There are 3 different types of peels: Light, Medium and Deep.

What exactly is a Skin Peel?

A skin peel treatment involves the removal of the top layer of skin to enable the newer, fresher looking skin below to be revealed.

This is a great way to banish unsightly scars, pigmentation issues, fine lines and even dry skin patches. A great treatment to leave your skin not only looking but feeling new, clear and refreshed.

Will a Skin Peel be right for me?

Jean, our qualified practitioner will give you a consultation and your skin a thorough examination to find out if a skin peel is suitable and to ascertain what strength of skin peel you require.

What is the peel procedure?

Firstly your skin will be thoroughly cleansed. We then add Skin tech peel product to the chosen area. After the carefully calculated amount of time we chose for your treatment we remove the peel (usually about 5 mins) During the treatment time Jean will monitor your skin. When done the product will be neutralised and removed. We then apply aftercare products to soothe and protect the skin.

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