Radiesse: Injectable Dermal Filler
For Hands & Face

Radiesse is an injectable dermal filler that works by lifting & contouring to smooth out the signs of ageing.

When we think about the signs of ageing most of us think first about our faces. However, one of the earliest signs of ageing is our hands. Always on display and often subject to the harshest of conditions, our hands deserve care and attention as much as our faces.

Radiesse dermal filler for hands and face.

If you feel your hands could look and feel softer & more cared for, now is the time. Thanks to the latest advances in aesthetic technology taking care of hands couldn’t be easier.

Over time the plump layer of tissue on tieback of your hands diminishes, allowing veins and tendons to become more visible. Radiesse dermal filler will help put that plumpness back & reduce the appearance of those ageing signs.

Treatments typically take around 30 minutes & discomfort level is minimal. The results are instant and can last up to 12 months in many patients with a single treatment.

Radiesse is broken down by the body and naturally metabolised over time. it is clinically proven to be effective and safe with very high patient satisfaction ratings. Radiesse can be injected deep under the skin for effective contouring. Please ask your practitioner which particular regions of your face and hands are suitable for a Radiesse treatment.


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