The best way to look good in summer is to get your skin in tip top condition.

Easy TCA facial Peel concise of four weekly peels plus face creams and sun block. This peel is deep/moderate and requires some down time. Excellent for skin rejuvenation, fine lines, hyper-pygmentation,enlarged pore reduction and acne/acne scarring.

Easy Phytics Peel is a more superficial treatment and is most suited to less problematic skin. Supurb for skin rejuvenation, reduction to large pore,  acne and fine lines.

Genuine Dermaroller is the treatment of the stars entails little to no down time and is fantastic for the treatment of acne scarring. stretch marks. lines and wrinkles. This treatment promotes the production of collegen which give lines and wrinkles a smoother overall appearence  and allowing  a more youthful look.

 Diamond Peel Dermabration is a marvellous exfoliation which leaves the skin feeling deeply cleansed, softer and smoother by stimulating a good blood supply, alleviating toxins that that can accumulate in the skin.

Easy TCA peel – Easy Phytics peel –  Genuine Dermaroller10% Discount off the price

Diamond Peel Dermabration – 25% off the original price 

This Offer ends on Saturday 18th May 2013.

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